Team Cygnus has developed a fully faired recumbent bicycle that can compete with the fastest recumbents in the world. The main goal is to use an optimum man-machine combination to break world records. The Cygnus team consists of technical specialists from various disciplines. Between them they have many years of experience with fully faired recumbents both in racing and in designing. All Cygnus team members are racers at the highest level. Every year they compete in national and international competitions such as Battle Mountain, the European Championship, the World Championship, and the Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge, but they also attempt to break records on the tracks of RDW, DEKRA and Opel.

maandag 10 juli 2017

Dekra Sunday Morning

Jan and Jan-Marcel head out to the track before breakfast. Jan can ride for an hour. He will not set a record, but by riding is collecting important power data. With a wealth of data we go to the pits after riding for an hour.

David and Pieter also arrive with breakfast. After a quick breakfast we get the bike ready again. Jan rides another few rounds with the periscope hatch to be able to compare data. This means we can also look at the results of preceding years. After that we go back to the hotel and get some rest.

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