Team Cygnus has developed a fully faired recumbent bicycle that can compete with the fastest recumbents in the world. The main goal is to use an optimum man-machine combination to break world records. The Cygnus team consists of technical specialists from various disciplines. Between them they have many years of experience with fully faired recumbents both in racing and in designing. All Cygnus team members are racers at the highest level. Every year they compete in national and international competitions such as Battle Mountain, the European Championship, the World Championship, and the Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge, but they also attempt to break records on the tracks of RDW, DEKRA and Opel.

Test & Training

Test & Training
Each driver will be tested extensively on a recumbent ergometer. The entire physical condition of the rider will be evaluated during the test. The capacity of the three major human energy systems are determined exactly, these are creatine phosphate storage, anaerobic glycolysis and the aerobic energy system. The objectives and training capabilities of the rider will be optimized based on the test results. Test results will also serve as input for simulation software that makes a prediction of the performance during a race.

With special simulation software written in Matlab (mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists), predictions about performance can be made. This prediction is based on the physical abilities of each rider, and the characteristics of the bike and of the course. The influence of a certain race strategy on the final performance can also be predicted.