Team Cygnus has developed a fully faired recumbent bicycle that can compete with the fastest recumbents in the world. The main goal is to use an optimum man-machine combination to break world records. The Cygnus team consists of technical specialists from various disciplines. Between them they have many years of experience with fully faired recumbents both in racing and in designing. All Cygnus team members are racers at the highest level. Every year they compete in national and international competitions such as Battle Mountain, the European Championship, the World Championship, and the Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge, but they also attempt to break records on the tracks of RDW, DEKRA and Opel.

maandag 10 juli 2017

Dekra Sunday Evening

First up is Nicci Walde who will try to attack the hour record. Jan-Marcel is riding along in the chase car as an observer for the IHPVA. Nicci is riding not as fast as was hoped, but is very satisfied with the result*.

Pieter is starting as the second for his hour run. The first round he is doing a nice average of a little more than 59km/h. In the third round he is coming in. He still needs more power than with his former bike. Further investigation will have to show if this is due to worse weather circumstances or that more improvement on his bike is needed.

Then a rider of the French team starts for a 200m attempt. The speed is somewhere between 80 and 90 km/h. Jan-Marcel will make a second attempt. Getting started is getting easier. Let's just think that practice makes perfect. The rest of the run is going well, but the wind is too strong for a legal run. With a nice speed of 108.5km/h and more valuable data, we leave the track.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make this possible.
In the first place the organisation of this wonderful event. Heike, Christoph, Thomas and Gerard thank you very, very much!
In the second place a warm thank you to all our loyal followers.
And last but not least our family and friends. Without them we could not have put as much time in improving man and machine.

* see the website of the organisation for the registered speed.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The observator would probably be from WHPVA, which is the world human powered vehicle association. The IHPVA organisation is in american hands and is effectively America only....

  2. Hi Jack,
    The different organisations ratify different records. Records for WHPVA, UMCA, IHPVA and WRRA could be set.
    In this case Jan-Marcel was observer for the IHPVA.