Team Cygnus has developed a fully faired recumbent bicycle that can compete with the fastest recumbents in the world. The main goal is to use an optimum man-machine combination to break world records. The Cygnus team consists of technical specialists from various disciplines. Between them they have many years of experience with fully faired recumbents both in racing and in designing. All Cygnus team members are racers at the highest level. Every year they compete in national and international competitions such as Battle Mountain, the European Championship, the World Championship, and the Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge, but they also attempt to break records on the tracks of RDW, DEKRA and Opel.

vrijdag 18 september 2015

Friday evening runs

Jan-Marcel was the second bike in the third heat this night, right after Damjan,  and before Ellen and Florian. It took a bit of time between the second and third heat, because of a midway catch in the second heat. The sun had already set, and the temperatures were dropping.

That was not the only thing that dropped. We decked the bike twice before we got Jan-Marcel started properly. He did a nice run, came out of the bike all cramped. It took a bit of time before he could step out of it.

At catch we heard that Todd in the first run of the first heat had beat his own world record, he went overe 86 mph! Way to go Todd!

The actual speed is measured at 86.50 mph.

Jan-Marcel reached 76.24 mph / 122.7 kph.

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  1. At least the Team was joined in its zany bike-dropping antics tonight by Mr S Nash, of Seattle WA and rural Neptune,